This is an experimental project.

Please find the explanation of this project here👉 

I'm wondering whether a causal environment can make learning a new language more interesting.

I built small indie game as classroom, new items will be added to facilitate learning process.

The game can be executed in Google Chrome (Press ⏩Run Game at the top of this page) and Windows, but might be unstable.

 If you can't load in browser, consider download with your computer ✌


  • Middle mouse button: toggle 1st / 3rd person view (you need 1st view to grab item)
  • Left mouse button: grab item in first person view
  • W: move ⬆
  • A: move ⬅
  • S: move ⬇
  • D: move ➡
  • space: jump
  • T: toggle far camera (selfie?)

Open to any feedback, thanks.


Install instructions

Mac user: Content/MacOS/(game file here)

Windows user:


Download 56 MB

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